Renewable energy execs want tax program extended

By Ronald D. White Times Staff Writer Executives from the US hydropower, geothermal and biomass power industries called Wednesday for the passage of a congressional bill that would extend production tax credits to all renewable-energy projects.
Offshore renewable energy planning system to be streamlined

The planning system for offshore renewable energy projects in Scottish waters is to be streamlined. The move was welcomed by renewable energy firms and environmental groups. They said the new approach would reduce delay while taking account of possible ...
Biotech Labeling, Renewable Energy Directive in Comments on EU Free Trade Agreement

... the American Soybean Association (ASA) submitted formal comments reminding the ambassador that the EU's heavy-handed policies on biotech soybeans, as well as inaccurate characterization of biodiesel by the Renewable Energy Directive (RED), ...
Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos -

The CPUC said more than 830 MW of new renewable capacity, all of it wind energy and solar power, came online in 2011 and the state's large investor-owned utilities served 17 percent of their collective electricity demand with renewable energy in 2010.
Ethanol Producer Magazine

By Kris Bevill | February 08, 2012 The Mansfield Oil Co. and global agricultural and energy products supplier Noble Group have combined their ethanol plant marketing divisions to create a new joint venture known as Noble Mansfield Renewable Energy.
Wind Industry Seeks Payroll Tax Lifeline For Renewable Energy Aid

By Simon Lomax The US wind industry, seeking to prolong its decade-long construction boom, wants renewable energy subsidies added to any deal between Congress and the White House that extends a payroll tax cut through the rest of this year.
The Next Wave In Renewable Energy From the Ocean
Called the SeaRay, it's the prototype of a device that Lesemann's startup, Columbia Power Technologies, is betting can help transform wave energy from a long-running science experiment into the next renewable energy bonanza.
Google Is The Leader In Renewable Energy Says Greenpeace
Greenpeace applauds Google for their dedication to using cleaner and renewable energy. “Technology giants have a real opportunity to use their power and influence to change how we produce and use energy – Google tops the table because it's putting its ...