AVS Video Editor has a lot of features to make your video even far more memorable and impressive. Adding different effects to your video is one of those catchy things that approximates your resulting video to an interesting and amazing movie. If you are a new user you'd better learn how to import your video and place it to the Timeline first and then follow the steps of this guide to know how to apply effects.

Step 1: Add the desired effect to the Timeline

Click the Video Effects central button and choose the effect you like best in the Files and Effects Area then drag and drop it to the Video effects row of the Timeline:

Step 2: Define the effect startup moment

Click the effect block and move it along the row holding the mouse button, if the suitable moment for the effect to start is caught release the mouse button:

Step 3: Define the effect duration

Bring the mouse cursor to the effect block right border until it looks like . Without releasing the left mouse button stretch or narrow the block, if the suitable moment for the effect cancellation is caught release the mouse button:

Note: you can also define the effect duration by clicking the Duration button which appears on the panel placed a bit above at the moment you click the effect block.

Step 4: Adjust the effect properties

Double click the effect block to open its properties window and adjust them the way you like and click OK when you are through:

If you want to save this video with the effects you've applied refer to the How to save the project and the video in AVS Video Editor? guide.