The list of 84th annual Academy Award nominations

Complete list of 84th Annual Academy Award nominations announced Tuesday: 1. Best Picture: “The Artist,” ''The Descendants,” ''Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close,” ''The Help,” ''Hugo,” ''Midnight in Paris,” ''Moneyball,” ''The Tree of Life,” ''War ...
Academy Award nominations 2012

By Jen Chaney Ryan Gosling: snubbed, depending on your perspective. (Richard Foreman Jr. - Society of Motion Picture Still Photographers ) With every Oscar nomination day comes the list of the snubbed. Naturally, not everyone can be a nominee, ...
2012 Academy Award Nominations

It is not a snub when your film isn't allowed to be nominated in the first place. Angelina herself said at the PGA's that their film expected nothing at the Oscars. 2012 Academy Award Nominations : Who Got Snubbed ?...
Academy Award nominations 2012

Okay, most people figured a nomination for his motion capture performance in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” was a long shot. But it's still a shame. Although maybe this give him more leverage for a nomination as Gollum in "The Hobbit.
HUGO Leads, Drafthouse Films' BULLHEAD Gets A Nod

The 2012 Academy Award Nominations were announced this morning, and Drafthouse Films has reason to celebrate. Their film Bullhead, which marks the debut of writer/director Michael R. Roskam, has been nominated (very rightfully so, in our opinion) in ...
Patton Oswalt Reacts To To The Academy Award Nominations

On the day that the Oscars are announced, the only word more popular than "nominee" is "snub." Every year there are a group of filmmakers and actors who everyone thinks should have been nominated for their work in the previous year, but is passed over by The Academy. And this year is no different. Between Albert Brooks' work in Drive, Michael Fassbender's performance in Shame, Andy Serkis' turn in Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Tilda Swinton's show in We Need To Talk About Kevin, the national conversation has been as much about who didn't get nominated as much as it has been about who has. So Patton Oswalt, who earned a bit of buzz himself thanks to hi...
Academy Award Nominations Are Announced Tuesday
Renee Montagne talks with reporter Kim Masters about some of the likely nominees when the Oscar nominations are announced later in Beverly Hills. Masters is editor-at-large for The Hollywood Reporter, and host of The Business on member station KCRW.
Academy Award Nominations Announced
The 2012 Academy Award nominations have been announced, with some of Hollywood's biggest names picking up nominations. Moneyball actors Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill each picked up acting nominations. Brad will battle it out in the Best Actor category ...
Purgatory' draw Academy Award nominations The Commercial Appeal
By John Beifuss “Undefeated,” which chronicles the relationship between underprivileged inner-city football players at Manassas High School and their well-off volunteer coaches, has been nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Academy Award.
Snubs, welcome inclusions among Oscar nominations
By Carla Meyer The announcement of Academy Award nominations this morning immediately prompted a scan of the list for who was left out. The most notable omission wasAlbert Brooks'supporting performance as a crime boss in "Drive.