Add titles to your videos

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Titles serve multiple purposes that enhance the viewer experience and provide valuable information. Titles act as an introduction, helping viewers understand what they are about to watch. A clear title can help set expectations and capture their attention. It may also include the creator's name or branding for recognition and consistency. Titles can be used throughout a video to provide context, clarify points, and add structure. For instance, you might use titles to label different sections of your video, introduce speakers, or summarize key information. This makes it easier for viewers to follow along and engage with the content. Adding closed captions or subtitles as part of a title can help make videos more accessible to people with hearing impairments. It also benefits viewers who watch videos in environments where sound may not be an option, such as public spaces or quiet environments.

Here's how to add titles to your project:
Click the Titles icon on the left sidebar, revealing a collection of title designs.
You can preview a title style by selecting it; if you find one that resonates with your vision, save it as a favorite by hitting the heart icon for future use.
To include a title in your production, select and drag your chosen design onto the title track of the Timeline, positioning it directly above the video track, at the desired appearance time. For linking titles to clips, utilize the connection button on the title track's left side; this will keep titles synchronized with the clip as they move together. Alternatively, disconnect titles by clicking the same link button.

An alternative method for adding titles: Right-click the preferred title style. Decide on its positioning within your video: beginning, middle, or end.

Double-click the title clip in the Timeline to open the title Clip Editing panel.
Text: Modify text content and adjust the font, color, and other customizations through the available options.
Clip: Edit the title's duration and animation speed according to your preferences.
New Preset: Create a personalized preset for future use by clicking New Preset. Your titles will be stored in the My Titles collection for easy access.
Color: Choose an object in the player that requires color modification. Change its hue by utilizing the color palette options.

If you want to add movable titles, then navigate to the Motion tab to link titles with moving objects in your video.
Choose the tracking method: Quick for static objects, Precise for moving objects, or Artificial Intelligence for automatic setting selection.

In the player, select the frame featuring the object you wish to track.

Press Track to enable title synchronization with the selected moving object within your video.

How to save custom titles

After customizing a title to suit your preferences, you can save the selected design for future application. To edit titles, simply double-click on the title clip and modify its font style, color, and additional features. Choose a name for this specific title design. Click the Save button. The created title style will become available within your personalized collection of titles (in the My titles).

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